7 Benefits of Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery You Are Unaware Of

7 Benefits of Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery You Are Unaware Of

Robotic hip and robotic hip replacement surgeries are already carried out on more than 3,00,000 of people yearly and the number is expected to rise by 2030. Robotic knee replacement and robotic hip replacement are known to offer precise positioning of the knee and hip respectively.

However, this surgery is costlier. It costs 2 to 3 times more than normal surgery. The reason is the high cost of the setup of the robotic surgery. Today, this joint replacement surgery has become popular worldwide and in Bhopal as well.

With the help of Robo-navigation, doctors are able to attain better results as robotic knee replacement or hip replacement surgery uses advanced robotic surgery systems. This setup provides patients with better surgical outcomes.

The robotic system is intended to help the doctors to plan the surgery based on the patient’s distinct anatomy. The best thing is that the combination of computer and robotic assistance guarantees success in the surgery.

Robotic hip replacement surgery allows the surgeon to collect important data about the patient during the procedure to make a 3D model of the hip of the patient to help plan the surgery.

Robotic technology in knee replacement is known to lessen blood loss, speed up the recovery process, enhance the function of the knee, and help the patient get back to their normal lifestyle sooner.

There are numerous advantages of robotic hip and robotic Knee replacement surgery when compared to the normal surgery process. The advantages are below here-

01- Enhanced surgical planning-

Based upon the robotic option, specialized 3D images are taken during the surgery or for the preparation of the surgery.

02- More accuracy-

With the help of robotic technology, hip replacement or knee replacement surgery gets enhanced and doctor also gets the chance to improve their expertise which further guarantees accuracy in the surgery.

03- Less trauma-

Because robotic hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery is less invasive, there are small cuts and less trauma to the neighboring tissues nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments.

04- More safety-

In robotic knee replacement, the robotic arm is programmed to remain within a few parameters based on the patient’s knee. This helps to protect the soft tissues from unwanted injuries.

05- Fast recovery and shorter therapy-

Most of the time robotic joint replacement surgery can be carried out in the outpatient setting. A short stay in the hospital, tiny cuts, and more preciseness result in fast recovery.

06- Flexibility-

Another advantage of robotic joint replacement surgery is its flexibility. It provides several implant options and dynamic ligament balancing at several stages.

07- More uniformity and pristine precision-

Robotic joint replacement surgery takes the assistance of the computer to ensure uniformity and pristine precision. It doesn’t leave the chance of any faults. Robotic surgery helps to deliver the best outcomes.

Whether robotic knee replacement or robotic hip replacement, they use precise incisions and help in attaining correct positioning that results in better and faster recovery.

Consult with the promising joint replacement surgeon in Bhopal who can assure you better results and help to relieve the pain and discomfort you are facing and plan a chart for fast recovery.