Hip Replacement in Bhopal- Alternative, Benefits and Risks Involved

Hip Replacement in Bhopal- Alternative, Benefits and Risks Involved

Hip replacement is a surgery in which the damaged parts of the hip joint are substituted with artificial implants. The hip replacement is divided into two parts and that is the partial hip replacement and total hip replacement. Total hip replacement involves the substitution of the hip bone and femoral joint. Fractional hip replacement involves femoral head substitution. These days hip replacement in Bhopal has become popular surgery.

When should a person go for hip replacement?

A hip replacement process needs to perform when the hip joint is experiencing excessively painful symptoms that cannot be controlled anymore through medicine. Based on the seriousness of the hip damage, the surgeon will suggest total hip replacement in Bhopal or partial hip replacement.

Why hip replacement?

Joint failure is the primary cause why hip replacement is carried out. Joint failure can be due to Osteoarthritis, Hip fracture, Bone Tumors, or due to any other major reason.

Alternatives to Hip replacement surgery-

  • The first substitute for hip replacement is conservative management. Before a doctor recommends going for hip replacement in Bhopal, he will try other alternatives. These alternatives include walking aids, medicines, and exercise. Taking part in exercises will help to strengthen hip joint muscles and walking aids like walkers will relieve stress from damaged hips hence delaying surgery.
  • For people who are facing hip joint pain with no inflammation, the doctor often asks painkilling medicine. For patients with pain with soreness, irritation, treatment includes NSAIDs.
  • Viscosupplement is another substitute that contains artificial lube injection inside the hip joint which acts as a pain reliever.

What are the involved risks?

  • Some may get an infection in the wound. The risk occurs in people suffering from chronic liver disease or diabetes.
  • After surgery some people may experience blood clots in their leg veins. This is hazardous as it mightn’t let blood flow.
  • Nerve injury nearby the surgery spot may take place at the time of surgery. Nerve injury causes detachment and problems in movements.
  • A difference in the length may happen. Normally height difference is slight and does not cause pain and breakdown.


  • Hip replacement in Bhopal continually reduces pain in the hip.
  • It gives years of freedom from pain.
  • The drop in pain let a person have a good sleep at night.
  • A patient can restore normal hip function with increased comfort after undergoing surgery.
  • It helps to improve walking and also benefits mental well-being.

If you have a damaged hip joint, then you should immediately rush to the best orthopedic surgeon and get a hip replacement in Bhopal which is safe and effective. So, choose a promising and skilled surgeon who can ensure benefits associated with this surgical process.