Tips for Healthy Knees by Dr RP Singh

Tips for Healthy Knees by Dr RP Singh

Knee damage and pain are widespread orthopedic conditions. Injuries can take place in especially those who are engaged in sports and physical activities and do not stretch sufficiently and also do not permit enough time for recovery and rest. On the other hand, degenerative joint disease is often blamed for a knee injury. Sprains to breaks to tearing of ACL and meniscus, the knee joint is susceptible to many injuries. Luckily, there are a few ways to postpone issues with the knee. The tips from an experienced orthopedic doctor in Bhopal will positively help you to maintain healthy knees and avoid the call for surgeries. So let us now have a look at some tips that the expert suggests to the people with knee issues.

01- Strengthen the muscles-

Strengthening the muscle will give your joints supports they need. A bit of strengthening can make a big difference. For avoiding knee aches, focus on muscles around your kneecaps, pelvis, and hips. A strong core is important at the time of promoting the well-being of the knee. Working to make the muscles sturdier will engross.

Picking up the right strength training exercise is important. If you are facing joint problems, ignore fast and repetitive movements. In case you are not sure about what moves to practice, visiting the knee clinic in Bhopal can be useful as the expert can present to you some exercises that will help you strengthen some areas and how to exercise rightly.

02- Have the right body weight-

Excessive weight causes more stress on the knees and other joints. In case you are overweight, for each pound of weight you lose, you will possibly take away stress over your knees. Remember that added pressure increases stress over your hips and back and will cause more pain in those areas. Maintaining the right body weight is important as it will make your knee feel better and eliminate the risk of knee damage.

03- Always have healthy bones-

As a person turns older, their bones lose mass and strength because of a decline in the process of bone rebuilding into the body. Bone density loss results in many issues including knee pain because of osteoarthritis. To help strengthen the bones and lower the risk of knee damage and pain, you need to get calcium in an appropriate amount. You can choose some calcium-filled foods like cottage cheese, Bok choy, yogurt, Spinach, Kale, Fish, and Collards to maintain the health of your knees.


So, these are all important tips that you need to necessarily take into your consideration if you want to have your knees in a good condition always. Make sure that you follow the tips given by the orthopedic doctor in Bhopal as they will be useful to you always.