Worst Consequences of Delaying Joint Replacement Surgery

Worst Consequences of Delaying Joint Replacement Surgery

Have you ever visited a joint replacement surgeon in Bhopal and being told that you need surgery urgently, but you still hoped that you could wait a little longer? In this case, you are not alone. Most of the patients try to find relief from the pain but are not at all ready to proceed with the surgery. Therefore, they may choose to delay the surgery and continue with simple treatments which includes oral medications, physical therapy and usage of walking aids.

If you are also thinking to delay joint replacement surgery for months or even for years, then it may not impose any significant consequences but a prolonged delay would definitely complicate the situation.

In this post, we will talk about some considerations that patients should understand and the consequences of delaying joint replacement surgery.

  • It would worsen the joint deformity: Most often times, arthritis develops gradually over the course of months and years. Some people do experience accelerated changes but still those don't occur overnight. As arthritis worsens, the joint deformity increases. Patients with knee arthritis may start to experience bow-legged deformity. And in hip arthritis, the leg length may shorten down as the cartilage and bone wear out over the passage of time. Thus, joint replacement can become more complicated with increasing deformity of the joint.
  • It may cause stiffness of joint: As joint arthritis increases, the joint starts to move less. With less movement, the tissue surrounding the joint may contract and cause stiffness. This is noticeable for the patients who have knee deformity and therefore, they may be advised to go for knee replacement at Bhopal.
  • The strength of muscles weakens down: As arthritis increases with time, the muscles surrounding the joint starts to weaken down. As a result, people start to use the joint less and even limit their physical exercises. As muscles weaken, recovery after surgery may become more difficult and worst situation could be e that the muscles may never be able to regain their full strength.
  • It increases compensatory issues: This is one of the worst complications of delaying the surgery. People who delay the joint replacement surgery may start to feel pain in other parts of the body as well. For instance, people with severe hip arthritis mister to experience back pain and people with one knee arthritis may start to experience pain in their opposite knee.

These are some of the reason that you should consider before complications arise to you and consult the joint replacement surgeon in Bhopal so that you came stay away from all the complications of delaying the joint replacement surgery.