Understanding Joint Replacement Before Reaching A Joint Replacement Surgeon

Understanding Joint Replacement Before Reaching A Joint Replacement Surgeon

Joint replacement surgery is the process of removing damaged joints and replacing them with plastic, metal, or ceramic device which is called a prosthesis which is meant to copy the movement of a normal joint. Knee and hip replacements are the commonly performed replacements but the surgeries can be carried out on the other joints like the elbow, ankle, shoulder, and wrist. You can find the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bhopal if you are the one who needs this.

When joint replacement surgery is suggested?

Many conditions can cause joint pain and disability and can result considering joint replacement surgery. In many cases, joint pain is caused due to the damage caused to the cartilage because of a fracture or arthritis, or another condition. If nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy, medicines, and activity modifications don’t relieve the pain and disability, you may be asked to undergo total joint replacement. An experienced Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bhopal will efficiently carry out the surgery ensuring better results.

Getting ready for the surgery-

A few weeks before your surgery, your Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bhopal with a surgical team and primary healthcare doctor will spend time preparing you for the surgical process. For instance, your primary healthcare specialist may check your health and your surgeon may need to do some tests like blood tests and cardiogram so the appropriate plan for the surgery can be made.

Also, there are several things you can do to prepare. Talk to your doctor and ask them the questions. Prepare yourself physically by eating right and doing exercises. Take steps to manage the first weeks at home by arranging for some help and getting assistive items like a shower bench, long-handled reacher, or handrails. By planning, you can ensure a smooth surgery and fast recovery.

Surgical process-

Total joint replacement surgery carried out by the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bhopal takes a few hours. The process is carried out in the outpatient surgery center or at the hospital.

At the time of surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone are taken out from the joint and replaced with prosthetic components made up of ceramic or metal, or plastic. The prosthesis copycats the shape and movement of the natural joints.


Your doctor will tell the possible risks and complications of total joint replacement which include those associated with the surgery itself and those that can take place over time once done the surgery. Most complications can be successfully cured. Some common complications that may take place are infection, nerve injury, prosthesis problems, etc.

Enduring outcomes-

A skilled Joint Replacement Surgeon in Bhopal ensures patients carry out surgery so efficiently that the patients will be soon able to do daily activities easily.